Saturday, September 21, 2019


Every time mum went in to take the bedding off the bed to wash it she found me here.  So the sheets will have to be washed on Sunday instead. 

Tonight is mum on the couch watching rugby with some soup and toast for her dinner.  The rugby world cup matches have started in Japan.  Our team are playing South Africa tonight.


  1. Looks as though your in heaven Poppy!x
    On the bed and on your most favourite
    shopping bag..Bless!x HeHe! :).

    Oh! Yes! Rugby..That will be, hopefully,
    a brilliant game..though l was surprised
    there play each other so early on in the
    tournament..still..l'll be watching all
    the main games..! :).

  2. Of course the bed must wait, Poppy! It won't hurt it to wait until Sunday.

  3. You are lucky. If mum wants to wash something, I get moved!

  4. I washed the sheets today, Poppy - I had to seize the moment when no one was on the bed!

  5. Boodie and I need to lie on the bed more - when my human wants to change the sheets, usually nobody is there to stop her.