Saturday, February 29, 2020

Caturday Movie Distractions

Mum has been in the need of some distractions this weekend, as the world is full of big things this week, she has been busy, and has decided to be very lazy with me today.  Please enjoy these youtube videos that she has watched this week and enjoyed very much.  They are both less than 3 minutes long.

Mum is trying to expand her mind and knowledge a bit this year.  Not in the LSD type of way, but buy learning about new things, science and stuff.  In little bits.  She learnt a bit about  Ancient Egypt last year, and this year has been drawn to a few books and videos about space and stars.  The world is big and full of wonder, and mum has reached a limit on reality tv and entertainment shows.

We hope you have a lovely Caturday and get to do something fun


  1. It's great fun to learn about different things Poppy!x
    I love things about Egypt..Tell Mum to Google Bettany Hughes..
    She is amazing...She did a series about The Nile..Again if Mum
    Googles..Bttany Hughes Nile..the programmes are on
    for about 45mins..
    I watch a lot of BBC4 over here, lots of documentaries..Full
    of info about the world..!

    We've had a stormy/rainy night, stopped now, off to town shortly..
    Enjoying me first lemon tea of the day at the moment! :o).

  2. My grandpa LUVS science shows. I'll have to get momma to send him these links.

  3. I used to be into astronomy when I was younger. I find the idea of a country meadow at night and a sky full of stars above it to be very peaceful. I don't know if I could learn much, but it would be very beneficial.