Saturday, February 22, 2020


Have you met Nala yet?  She is travelling around Europe with her dad Dean on a bike.  They have youtube videos and their instagram is 1Bike1World and now there is even a book - Nalas World. 

Mum will add it to her reading list.  She already has a big pile, but she thinks this one looks good.

Have a nice Caturday - do something fun!!


  1. That is brilliant Poppy..A classic..! :).
    Just this morning on BBC Breakfast...there
    was a guy on 'Our World' traveling across
    the USA on a motor cycle with a Husky dog..
    Sits behind his owner, wears a helmet and
    goggles..amazing..l'm gonna try and find
    it on line, and sent it out! :).

  2. Looks like Nala is really enjoying her road trip. I wish her owner wouldn't play with her when they are on the move though. He was doing a lot of wandering onto the wrong side of the road. Although he can see what is ahead, he likely wouldn't notice something coming up behind him. Having had 2 relations killed on their bikes, one by a driver on the wrong side of the road, the other getting off a ferry and believed to have forgotten to drive on the right instead of the left, it does make me very nervous.
    I did enjoy the video though.

  3. Love reading about cats. I have read many real stories of owners
    and their cats travels. I will have to look for this too.

  4. I think I will add it to my reading list too Poppy. I love books about our furry feline friends. xx

  5. I think most of mine would be scared stiff. Tucker is wary even of the corridor outside my apartment. My late friend Parker would probably have loved it, though...