Friday, February 28, 2020


I'm ready for the weekend.  Coronavirus has arrived in NZ - the 48th country to get it.  Just one patient at the moment and not in our city, so like everyone else we will have to watch and wait.  The whole country is excited to see if they win lotto tomorrow night , with a  huge prize up to be won. 

Mum got only one call in last night, so she is kind of tired so she was glad that her friends cancelled a night out.  Mum secretly was glad to come home and spend the evening with me.  She made a roast chicken and veg for dinner, with chocolate mousse and raspberries for dinner and a big old feast for me.

So we are all set for the weekend.  Alarm clocks are off  and mum and I are ready!!!


  1.'s a funny name, as we all remember
    when we were kids, a lorry used to travel around,
    like a milk float, only bigger..selling bottled
    fizzy drinks, called bought what you
    liked, different flavours, paid a deposit on the
    bottle, which you got back on return..! HeHe! :).

    Good luck on the Lottery Poppy!x Goodness! what will
    you do with all that money, Mum will need a very BIG
    purse..! Bless!x

  2. Enjoy a nice relaxing weekend, Poppy and mum!

  3. Hope you and your mum win the big pot of gold! And then
    she could stay home with you and see friends and avoid
    any kind of virus. Don't let her get sick with it from
    work! Your cuddles ought to protect her.

  4. Poppy, dear, your plushness is amazing! So glad you and your mum can look forward to a weekend without alarms. (Chocolate mousse with raspberries, yum!)

  5. N joy de week oh end with mum poppy Q & we hope ewe & mum win de lottree....just think ~~~~~~~~~~ ☺☺♥♥

  6. We hope you both have a lovely weekend!

    The lottery would be great...Our $70M CDN Lotto Max was just one by a 22-year old store clerk. Good thing he has a large family (8) to share it all with. That much money could easily ruin a life (or lives), especially for one so young.

    As for the virus...Who knows what will happen. There's a lot of misinformation and anxiety around it--and also a huge lack of preparedness on the part of the global community, IMO.

    Anyway, you two take care!

  7. Hope the coronavirus doesn't hit y'all too bad.

  8. An evening at home with one's wonderful cat, a roasted chicken for dinner and chocolate mousse for dessert... That's an excellent evening to me.