Saturday, February 15, 2020

Nacho Night

Mum made herself happy by having nacho night.  Now her tummy is super full.  She was hoping for an early night as she only managed 4 hours last night.  Of course this is the night that the neighbours are entertaining loudly in the garden.  She can't sleep in either as she has to be up at 5.40am to head off to work.

I have been chilling out .  I ate my dinner and had a big sleep.  I hissed at the introoder cat a couple of times when he came too close to my cat door.

Have a nice Caturday - do something fun.


  1. ooooO! That looks lovely Poppy!x
    Good enough to eat..! Yum!
    I'm just about to have lunch, l'm
    having a home made fish~cake..second
    one this's four inches across,
    and an inch thick..and a few fried potatoes
    to go with it..
    I don't think l'll be hissing at anyone
    to~day though..HeHe! Bless!x

  2. Your mum's nacho looks very tasty, Poppy.
    Has your mum tried earplugs for when the neighbours are noisy? I haven't slept well for several years, and Ivor snoring like a steam train doesn't help either.
    I just ordered some soft earplugs from Amazon and they arrived yesterday. I tried them last night and it was wonderful. The steam train sounded more like a bumble bee quietly buzzing. I can handle that!

  3. Those nachos look tasty. Something fun? Me and mum will stay inside where it is all warm!

  4. Well, that looks delicious, Poppy. We are glad you have been chilling. We hope Mum gets the chance to do so soon, too!

  5. I usually manage only five or five and a half hours of sleep each night before work, and I'm nodding off during the day. I don't know how your mum does it on less sleep.