Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Double Feature

 Mum worked Saturday night, so was given today as her leave day.  She had a little sleep in and then headed to the cinema where she had booked some tickets.   She was most looking forward to seeing Days of the Bagnold Summer, a story about a frumpy mum and her angst filled, Metallica tshirt wearing son and their holiday stuck together.   Alas the slow paced movie made mum nod off and she missed much of the middle part of the show.
So mum made sure to eat and drink during the break between shows.  The 2nd movie was Herself, a story about a young Irish mother.  After being assaulted by her husband she searches for a home for her and her two young daughters.  A story we all understand as the housing crisis is an International problem.  Mum stayed awake for this one - 4/5.


  1. Going to the pictures on a cold winters day sounds a good way to spend an afternoon. It was sunny here but very cold.. at least we’re heading to summer. 🌷

  2. Mum needed a nap badly to nod off. But the second movie sounds more interesting to me as a woman.
    Family in crisis is so difficult to know of. When she got home to the loving purrs of you, Poppy,
    she must have felt some relief.

  3. Poor Mum, I hope the extra sleep helped. Both films sound interesting though I'd be more likely to watch a mystery. Is Herself based on a book?

  4. Your poor mum must have been so tired to take a nap in the theatre, Poppy.

  5. I think if a movie doesn’t keep you awake, even if you’re tired, it probably isn’t a good movie, no matter how well made or acted.