Friday, June 18, 2021

From the Archives

 It's a chilly night here in the city and mum was looking through the archive photos.  She loves this old one of me warming up by our old heater.  All heaters are on tonight.  Mum is going to turn the alarm off so that she may have a luxurious sleep in tomorrow.   She is covering a shift for a friend, and looking forward to a day off during the week.   


  1. That is a lovely photo Poppy. You are such a pretty girl. I hope Mum enjoys her rest.

  2. You are trying to stay warm and Precious is trying to stay cool. Sometimes it seems weird to me.
    Nice your mum could help a friend have a day off extra. Hope that she does get a wonderful sleep with
    you to snuggle, Poppy. Precious is sleeping with me every hot night. In the winter she sleeps in
    my recliner alone. What's to think of kitties.

  3. I love that photo of you Poppy. I love all your photos 🥰 Mum is too kind, I hope her sleep doesn’t get upset. I wish mum was my nurse. I had a district nurse come yesterday to get my blood 😢 she was so nice but couldn’t find a vein . So back next week. Bet mum would have got it. Sleep well tonight pops. I wonder if we both have our electric blankets on. I think we might. 💤 ❤️🌧

  4. That's something I like about the autumn: having the heat on with a cold night outside.