Thursday, June 17, 2021


last night mums early night was thwarted by a whole lot of banging and noise.  When she stepped into the backyard she could see lots of red lights and heard lots more noise.  So she slipped on her jacket and took a short walk.   Just round the corner from our house there were a pile of fire engines at a house that looked all burned out.
These were mums photos of the firemen tiding up and it looked like the action was almost over.  Mum hadn't smelt the fire, the wind must have blown it all in the other direction.   Apparently there was no one home and no other homes were affected.   The suspicious thing was there was another similar fire in another suburb last week, where two homes were destroyed. 
These were the dramatic photos in the paper.  We are glad that everyone was safe.

 So mums going to try an early night tonight.   Paws crossed for no drama. 


  1. Fantastic photos. Stunningly beautiful if it wasn’t so terrible. I saw the earlier fires on the news. They saw someone running out just before the fire started. Our large hedge was on fire about a year ago. Someone driving down the main road saw the flames and rang 111. It was 2am. The kind fellow banged on my door and woke me. He said sparks were being blown onto my roof. He got me out into the street where there were 5 fire engines and some police cars. It had started in a neighbours shed. Couldn’t believe I’d slept through it. Fire is my major fear. Hope they catch your Wellington arsonists.

  2. Fire is such a devastating disaster for whoever the homeowner or the renter is. That's scary to think that there could be a connection to more than one fire.

  3. Oh my gosh, how frightening! We're glad no one (including pets) was injured. We hope there's not an arsonist, but if there is, that they're caught before they do any more harm. Stay safe, both of you!

  4. Very scary. I'm glad no one was injured or killed. I hope you and Mum had a peaceful night.

  5. poppy Q; we bee glad noe peepulz ore noe petz waz hurt or killed... we all sew hope noe arsonist iz out & a food servizz gurlz dad waza fire fighterz anda arson investigatorz; sum timez de arsonist can bee hard ta catch

  6. Let's hope there isn't an arsonist loose. I'm glad nobody was hurt.