Thursday, May 2, 2013


 We can sense the changing of our seasons.   We are having less of this sunshine, and more grey clouds with lots of lovely rain due over the next couple of days.
Mum has also noticed that the snuggly season has begun.  I now go onto her bed and she better be comfortable, cos I'm going to pin her to the bed in one position between her knees so she can't move.   Mum is enjoying those flannelette sheets she bought last weekend, so much so that she might go and buy some more at the weekend.  Middle aged shopping adventures are awesome!!


  1. Another sunny day over here Poppy...
    And, for the weekend...!
    Think l'll light up the Barby on Sunday....mmmmmM!

    Sooooo! If you fancy a few spare ribs...Hop on a plane! HeHe! x

  2. It still looks gorgeous and green over at your house, Poppy, even if winter is looming!

  3. I LOVE good sheets!! About 10 (or more) years ago I splurged on 2 sets of sheets that were very expensive... far more than I'd normally spend by a bunch by many times. They are still my favorite sets of sheets and they still have years of life left in them!

    Enjoy the snuggle weather, ladies!

  4. Our human has flannel sheets on her bed for at least 6 months of the year, if not 7 to 8. Though she's heard jersey sheets are awesome too, and can be used year-round. :-)

    And while your nighttime snuggle season has started, ours has ended. We've been enjoying the open window (screened) upstairs at night this week, and don't really remember we have a human in the house to cuddle with. Who cares about her when there are bats and owls and all sort of other interesting things to keep an eye out for? :-)

  5. I like the idea of flannel sheets, but I bought a heated mattress pad, and use it far too much. And as far as the cats are concerned, I've turned the whole of my bed into a heated cat-bed.

  6. Poppy Q, even though the colder weather is coming your way, it still looks so lush and green there.

    We also wanted to thank you your Mum for your kind and thoughtful comments when it was time for our Sammy to leave for the Bridge. We are so grateful for you.

  7. chez Q is STILL lookin good poppy q...due de treez stay like that yeer round??? we had ta take de flannel sheetz off R bedz N switch em ta cottonz... coz summer bee rite round de korner...trooly, we hates it, we iz reddy for fall !!

  8. It's raining heavy - but that is good for the new plants I got in the garden yesterday.
    Poppy Q is a good girl to snuggle up with you

  9. Mom was planning on thinking the electric blanket off the bed because it was 80 yesterday. It was 52 an hour ago and is now 50. WE expect 40's by afternoon!