Saturday, May 25, 2013

Monkey Moves Caturday

Hey hey it's caturday!!  This sunny afternoon here, I demonstrated to the mumster what I call my monkey moves, by clambering all over the deck and just going crazy (no catnip involved).  It was nice to get out in the garden for a little while.

Did you do something fun today?  Mum and I slept in, and she got to finish a book in bed before hitting the market.  Todays haul was potatoes,lettuce, pumpkin, corriander, tomatoes, lemons, carrots and one big fat leek.  So maybe a pot or two of soup is planned for the week, perfect for wintery lunches.  Mum then went for a walk in town and spoiled herself with a magazine and lot of window shopping.  Home before dark and time for a couple of chores, and a late old dinner tonight.  Roasted salmon with lemons, roast potatoes and pumpkin and broccoli.

Hope you all have a lovely Caturday!!


  1. I usually do my crazy thing around 11 at night. Fortunately my human is a night owl, so sometimes she joins me!

  2. mmmm... Salmon. I may have that for supper! YUM!

    Miss Pops, you look like a silly gal with your monkey moves!

    Have a lovely day, ladies!

  3. We love your crazy monkey moves--and are impressed you didn't even need nip. Just means you're feeling good, Poppy! :-)

    Wow, all the food your human got is making our own human's tummy rumble! Somehow we don't think she'll be cooking as much as your mum this weekend, though. LOL.

  4. You'll never lift that on your own Poppy! HeHe!

    I've got a big fat leek to...
    In the watering can....!

    Have a lovely...Lovely weekend, both of you....Enjoy the sun....!x

  5. What moves you've got Poppy! Good to hear you had a pawsome Caturday, both you and mum.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  6. Jenna doesn't need nip to get in one of her crazy moods, either! So nice you got to enjoy the nice weather outside :)

  7. You are something else, Poppy!
    I attacked my Mom again. (Does that count?)

  8. You teach the furniture a lesson!

  9. MOL! You are funny doing your monkey moves Poppy.

  10. It's the day for all sorts of's Caturday!

  11. Oooh, poppy, i know that monkey move too. I do that a lot on momma's bed. =)