Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hey Hey it's Caturday

The sun was a shining this morning, so the mumster got the camera out and chased me round the garden for photos.  Isn't this one great!!!  She went down to the market and got lots of green stuff and carrots, a big lamb roti for her lunch and some pastries to nibble on for Sunday breakfast in bed.

Into town - she needed a digital tv recorder, and decided to bit the bullet and just buy one.  She doesn't really like going into electrical stores, although it is nice to look at all the new toys and shiny stuff, she feels like the boys do when they have to go to a ladies clothes shop.  Anyways it's all brought now, plugged in a going.

Now she has a half hour of relaxing, she's fed me my fancy feast, and she is heading back to town for dinner and a movie with a bestie.

Hope you are all enjoying your Caturday - have some fun!!


  1. Sounds like a great Caturday to us. We're gonna sleep in and lie about all day. Wait, that's like any other day. MOL!

  2. You look ALL bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning Poppy....x
    You certainly know how to pose for the camera....! :0).

    Have a lovely lazy weekend....!x

  3. My human has an awesome Caturday planned - she is going to a big pet adoption event! Not to adopt any more kitties (we don't need any), but to take photos and talk to the rescue humans.

  4. AWEsome shot, Miss Pops!

    I must admit, I LOVE going into an electronics place and having the geeks edjamacate me. I'll be upgrading my iPhone next week. Excited. I am!

    Have a purrfectly lovely day, ladies!

  5. Mom went to a big kitty show and picked me up a flying bird! (Well, at least, the feathers part.)

  6. Oh Miss Golden Eyes. I am please that the sun is shining for your Caterday. The sun is shining here too and lovely warm spring day
    - Jessica

  7. I'm like the boys I love all that stuff, needless to say I avoid those shops out of necessity

  8. You had a busy Saturday. Hopefully Sunday will be a rest day!

  9. Love your shot here, poppy.

  10. That is one brilliant picture Poppy!!

    Hope you got extra treats for that pose!!

    Linda xx