Monday, May 13, 2013

I Touched a Cat & I Liked It

We know - mothers day was yesterday.  Did you get your mumster a present?  It's never too late you know.  Look at this wonderful tea towel that we discovered on ETSY yesterday.  I Touched a Cat and I Liked It is the name of it, and it is made by the very talented Ableandgame who hail from Melbourne Australia.  They'll ship these beauties all around the round world.  You know you want one!!

We asked them if we could show this little bit of fabulosity on our blog, and they were kind enough to say yes.

Which kind of cat are you?  I am the scaredy cat - I would be outside hiding from you.


  1. MOL, I am the hard to reach cat! And it is not because I am shy, it is because I am not sure the human deserves to touch me!

  2. Gracie would be the 'Hidey Cat'... Gandalf and Grayson are the 'two in your lap for the price of one, just try to get us out of your face cats'. srsly.

    Have a lovely day, ladies!

  3. I'm just a spoiled, old lazy kind of cat.

  4. Love the tea towel Poppy...!

    Do you know l had to remind a New Zealand friend of mine, that it was Mums day yesterday, his Mum and Dad also live over here...!
    He dashed out and got a card...! :)
    He was very grateful....!

    Have a fun day....!x

    (Hope this does'nt publish twice...).
    Here we!

  5. For Mom I am the Classic Cat. For everybody else, I am the hard to reach cat.


  6. My bruffer Bujang is a bitey cat for everyone but a classic cat fur grandma. I am Tanaka and I love effuryone. I am offur cos a classic cat.
    Tanaka the ginger kitty.

  7. Our mombean says we 'hard to reach cat' because we always try to lead her out to the kitchen for food - first.

  8. That is a cute towel. We are both the hard to reach cat!

  9. Two for the price of one--that's us! What a cute towel.

  10. poppy Q...sinz itz just me in de houz now.. eye wood wanna bee de big boy....

    wait a minit...weighin in at 22 pounds eye am de big boy


    tuna of moon

  11. I am the hard to reach cat. Eric would have been a mix of the big boy and the classic cat.

  12. Sami is the Walmart greeter cat, she invites everyone to come in and chats with them as they come through the door.

    Sasha is the hard to reach cat, I might check you out but you'll probably not know.

    Saku is the scaredy cat who comes out of hiding very quickly, 'cuz he might just miss something!

    We things you is the prettiest cat Poppy!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  13. Ducky would be hiding. Derby doing the classic cat.

  14. haha that's one supercute tea towel!