Sunday, October 13, 2013


 We had a good Caturday here at chez Q,  Mum got up and did some housie work, and I had a snooze.   I sent her off for lunch with some friends, and I took a nap.  We sat and enjoyed some afternoon sun in the garden, and then I sent her off to work, while I took my beauty rest.

When she got home the computer was being real annoying and it has taken her an hour to get this post loaded up.  So us ladies are off to bed so we can get ready for Sunday.

Hope you all enjoy your Caturday.


  1. I was up early this morning Poppy!x
    Went to the town a bit further up from me! Coffee in Costa! Then a little pose round the shops!
    Just had lunch...Goose egg sprinkled with cheese...mmmmM!
    Gonna sit down and enjoy a bit of telly....Ah! Bless!x

  2. Sounds like you both had a pretty good Caturday...except for the poopy computer acting up. Hope your Sunday is even better.

  3. Sure do know who is the boss at your house, Poppy! You blend in so well on your couch we almost didn't see you. MOL!

  4. Did your mum decorate her beautiful home especially to match your gorgeous furs? Our mum just adores your precious little profile. Enjoy your Caturday!

  5. My human is at a digital book publishing conference much of the weekend, so my Caturday is nice and peaceful!

  6. We are just beginning our Caturday. Yours sounded restful except for the computer problem. You look beautiful - grey against grey.