Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Night

Friday night is a quiet night at our new house with the tele on    Mum has to work over the weekend, so a quiet night on the couch is all she is up to.  Luckily the sweetcorn is nice and tasty at the moment, so she had two ears and a few little snacks for an exciting evening.   Mum has run out of feast for me, but is trying some other cat food that I am enjoying for a change.  Now I am having a nap on the bed while mum does the secretary work.   It is a bit chilly tonight, so our heatpump is on keeping us warm.

Hope you all have nice plans for your friday evening.


  1. Not quite Friday night yet here in the UK, but my Friday night will be the same as your Mum's Poppy. A quiet night in and maybe a glass or six of wine.

    Have you stopped howling yet, are you feeling a little more at peace?


    Linda xx

  2. It's nearly eight in the morning over here Poppy!x
    And...And..The sun's coming out...
    Though a lot of people down here in the south, are under water. I'm o.k. l live on a hill....The water has caused a lot of damage and heart-ache!

    Another day...Hope all's o.k.
    Take care now! :)

  3. My human usually works out on Friday. I will be steering clear of her clumsy feet!

  4. We intend to do lots of cuddles as it is cold here! Mom will be around to give us scritches too :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  5. It's gonna be cold here, so I plan on napping!

  6. 7AM and freezing here, Friday, wondering if the windows really will be done this AM. LOL.

    Quiet nights are good, Poppy. We hope you both are settling in okay.

  7. It is chilly here, too. We are not pleased.

    Hope you ladies have a purrfect weekend!

  8. It's good to see you getting used to your new home Poppy. We are just resting at home too, watching American Idol S13.

  9. 7:30 am here. Still have to make it through one more day of work--bah!

    We're planning on watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics tonight, along with praying that everyone stays safe in Sochi!

    Hope you both get some much deserved lounging on the couch time this weekend!

  10. enjoy yur week end poppy ...hope mum doez knot werk two much N hope ya like yur new foodz....

    itz bee yond brisk heer sew we iz most shirley stayin in two night !! hope ewe haza salmon N shrimpz kinda week oh end !!

  11. Looks like you're settling into your new home. And now there's new food too? Lots of changes for our girl.
    We're going to watch the Olympic
    opening ceremonies too but then, we
    always have quiet evenings.
    Tomorrow is Caturday, Poppy. Your
    favourite day! Hope you find lots of
    enjoyment in your new surrounds.

  12. Hope you and your mum get all settled in soon. A quiet Friday night is what we are doing too.

  13. Quiet Fridays at home are nice, aren't they Poppy? :)