Thursday, February 27, 2014


                                                     Can you see me?
                                                  How about now?

Just helping mum  tidy up the bed.   Hope you all had a fabby day.  Ours was ok.  The mumster had the day off and had a hair appt this afternoon, so went for a walk around the harbour and had a subway sandwich by the sea which was a good tonic.  She got a good hair cut and colour, and of course at the end her hairdresser whispered to her that it would be her last haircut with mum, as she is leaving next week.  We know that hairdressers aren't allowed to tell you where they are moving on to to protect the business, but mum feels a bit peeved as she has been going to the same salon for about 15 years and most of the oldies know her by name.  Her hairdresser has only done her hair for the past 6 months, as her fave hairdresser of six years left last year.  So this is a break up - mum isn't going back to the same salon, the owners have changed and mum doesn't feel any loyalty to them.  She hates the practice of being dumped onto the newest hairdresser when your good hairdresser leaves  She has scoped out a new place close to home and she is going to be brave and try out somewhere new.  Isn't a hassle finding a new hairdresser?

The evening is mild, although the wind is picking up as the weather is set to change tomorrow.  So mum had leftovers for her dinner and between tv shows is doing a little tidy up around the place.  The landlords have been around and got the gardener to tidy up the back yard for me.  They are going to do the front yard next week, and get someone to come and look at the light in mums room, which is currently  a bit prison cell and hopefully can be made nice and smart.

Hope you are all having a good Thursday - it's almost the weekend!!!


  1. Mum's been very busy Poppy!x
    Still, things have to be done, and a ladies hair is so important...!
    I have a lady, who l went to school with, comes up home every 6~8 weeks for a trim..She's been cutting my hair for 42yrs now! So, l'm happy with that! :).

    Now! l wonder what that lump is in the middle of Mum's bed...HeHe! :>)x

  2. I never feel a loyalty to the salon and always ask the stylist for her cell phone number. It took me forever to find a hairdresser I liked and in less than a year she will complete her nurse's training and I will lose her. Oy. But good for her for following her dreams. I shall manage. Again. grrr.

    I see that bed lump. :)

    Have a perfect day, lovely ladies!

  3. Since my hairdresser works out of her own home, I do feel a sense of loyalty to her. Though just this morning, as I was trying to do something with the over-long mop that needs reshaping, I was thinking it might be time for a fresh perspective. However, she's priced well below salon costs, so that makes it tough to leave. Good luck with finding someone you click with, I think that's so important!

  4. Can you contact your hairdresser and ask her to call you after work - so she can tell you where she is going?

    Finding a hairdresser you trust is so important (a first world problem - I know lol)

    I'm glad you girls are a bit more settled in your new home XO

  5. I're checking for lost bed socks, right? It's important not to leave socks in the bed. *giggle* So cute. Here we can follow hairdressers from salon to salon so we don't lose them. Hope your Mum finds a new one that's good!

  6. We see you in the second photo! Mom hates it when she has to change hairdressers, too.

  7. hairdressers and dentists are in same boat for me. I'd find it very stressful changing hairdresser. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  8. poppy Q...grate job oh hidin coz we never did see ya !!! glad de landlord getted ther ta spruce up yur yard...may bee mum can plant a few flowers heer N ther sew it sorta kinda all most but knot quite but just may bee will ree mind ewe oh Chez Q !!!! happee nite !!

  9. We see you! Are you having fun? Great news about a gardener coming to put the yard right. We know you enjoy the outdoors.
    Our mum has embraced her graying ,
    thin hair because her hair always
    seems to look worse after she's been
    to the salon. No one seems to know exactly what to do with thin, fine, strait hair. So it's a pull back and a
    claw clip for her.

  10. Staying warm under the covers.

    Mum agrees with finding a new one to do her head furs. She had a nice lady for nearly 20 years and she retired. Then found a place close to where we live now. She too got put to a new purrson who didn't really have a clue, but she left and now she loves the lady she has now. About her age, well experience and they get along furry well.

  11. Yes humans and their grooming. Mum got so fed up with hairdressers moving on and not being able to find a good one that she gave up and just has trims at the cheap place. She is trying to get up the nerve to go to somewhere a bit better. Glad to hear that your landlord is keeping the new home up for you and your mum. Terrible cold here. Meow, Jessica

  12. I always "help" momma make the bed too! MOL MOL!