Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Night Snoozes

We have been reading lots of blogs of our northern hemisphere folks, and see all the storms and snow that many are having.  Truly we don't know how you do it my friends.  We are feeling blue as we are having a windy, wet and cold run this week, and mum had to pull out her winter jacket and umbrella to get to work this morning.  The bonus is that we have had the electric blanket on the bed and snuggled together at night.

Mum had finally relented last week and taken the fleecy sheets off the bed and put cotton ones one, so one of her besties told her that it was her fault the weather had turned nasty.  When mum made the bed today, she made sure to put the fleecy sheet back on - hopefully that will bring the summer weather back.

So hope you are all going to catch up on your snoozes on Sunday night too.


  1. Funny old weather over here in the south of England Poppy!x
    One day it's nice, sun's out to-day, and the next it's rain and wind....
    The poor people further down the south-west are having it really bad! Feel so sorry for them...
    It'll take weeks to get back to normal...And, the government....Less said about them the better...! :(

    Anyway...You look lovely and comfy!x

  2. Our two snows last week have solidified into huge ice hills of shoveled and plow-packed snow. And another snow coming tonight! We would be oh so glad to have some of your rain instead! Stay cozy on your pretty quilt, Poppy Dear...and Mumster, too!

  3. The weather has been crazy all over. I'm pretty sure it's not your fault though. hahaha!

  4. Strange isn't it? Just two hours north of you, and it's been too hot to sleep for the last few nights!...
    Summer has been quite odd this year XO

  5. Hi Miss Poppy,

    Our weather sure has been wack-a-doodle and it's snowing right now. But with fleecy sheets and that lovely quilt, it looks like you're ready for snuggling up warm.

  6. Hi Poppy, yes it's been awful here in the South of England. We have an area called the Somerset Levels which is now mostly flooded.

    We just wonder how much wildlife has perished as well.

    Nice to see you looking snoozy on your bed!

    Linda xxx

  7. You look furry comfy on the bed Poppy. Enjoy your snuggles with Mom!

    We hopes the weather gets better for efurrybody. We knows we is tired of the cold and winter.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  8. Out here in southern California, we are called weather wimps because we so rarely have bad days and never snow (well, twice in the past 100 years). And you know what? We ARE weather wimps!

  9. OMG fleecy sheets, I would cook. It is far to warm at night up here for anything but a cotton sheet on top.

  10. Beautiful picture of your Poppy. Mom sleeps on fleece sheets year round. She loves the feel of them!

  11. We are getting very bad weather here in the Southwest Poppy, but today (Sunday) and tomorrow is not as bad, but Tuesday the storms are forecast to return.

  12. Stay warm, we are used to it, plus we have central heating here to keep us all warms.

    BTW, we may actually be getting some decent weather that isn't so cold.

  13. Hi Poppy! So glad you guys are settling in. Sorry it isn't as nice as your last home but I hope you grow used to it. You look nice and comfy on the quilt. We know all about mom being gone. Our mom was on call and spent most of this week-end working at the hospital too. We have hardly had any time and she is back on regular shift tomorrow morning....not fair this w.o.r.k.
    Paw Pats

  14. Our weather keeps yoyoing - warm one day and cold the next!

  15. We've been having a stretch of -20° weather in southern Alberta, but we're used to it. I've found a heated mattress pad to be even more effective than a heated blanket; I know how my cats' heated beds feel! In any case, it's good to be warm.