Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tuesday Things on the Wall

Gradually some of our things are  making way onto the wall and in their proper places making this place feel like our home.  Mum wasn't sure if these things suited being in the lounge or should be in the bedroom, but we like the three hanging together.  We have never lived in a place with white walls before, so mum feels it needs a little bit of colour in our accessories.

P.S somebuddy asked about our upstairs neighbour.  He is a quiet young man who works at a bank, and is not very noisy at all.  We don't  hear too much, most of the noise we hear is as he comes and goes to and from home as the stairs are by our bedroom window.


  1. Love the little hanging things Poppy!x
    Especially the hearts! Nice! Lot's of colour, that's the secret!

    And, your upstairs neighbour works in a bank...Make friends with him Poppy!
    You never know! HeHe!

  2. We like those accessories Poppy :)
    They make your place a home.
    It's good your neighbour is quiet
    and not a party animal ;)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  3. They are very nice, but they need something I think. Maybe a big frame around them. Or just above them, just something to tie them together so to speak.

  4. I think these will dress up that white wall very nicely!

  5. Very cute wall decorations! Yes, a punch of color is always pleasing.

    Hope your day is just lovely!

  6. Quiet neighbours are half the battle in having a pleasant home.

  7. poppy...we think another neet eye dea wood be ta haz yur mum put up a shelve...N put all de emptee cans oh feast on it...kinda like a dee sign !!


  8. The wall hangings are nice. I am glad you have a quiet neighbour.

  9. Putting up your decorations will make your new home feel like your old home. And very happy to hear the neighbour seems to be a good sort. We have lovely neighbours who give me presents. Including a lovely painting of me. Meow, from Jessica

  10. Wall hangings always help make a home a home, right Poppy? That, and love!

    Hooray for quiet neighbors.