Thursday, February 6, 2014


Hi friends - we are sorry for taking such a long blogging break.  We have missed you all.  As you know we had to move our Chez q headquaters as our landlords wanted to come back to their little house.  Out of all the houses mum has lived in, she thinks she has loved that one the most.  It felt like home and we were all comfy and cosy there.  So for her it has been pretty tough

With only a small amount of time mum had to find somewhere affordable that was close to her work and I could move into.  She didn't expect it to be so tough out there, but it was pretty rotten.  Prices have risen like crazy and mum looked at lots of places.  Even the viewings have become crazy with thirty people showing up, and only getting a minute or two to look around.  

So the house we are in is pretty simple.  It is a small two bedroom flat with a young chap living in the flat above.  As a nervous nelly it has taken me all week to get used to noises coming from upstairs.  On the first night we were here I howled all night - all nine hours of the night.  For the rest of the week, I have only woken up with the birdies and howled from about 4.30am. I also spent the first three days hiding in mums bed under the duvet. So this afternoon , the mum gave up and let me go outside, and I spent about 4 hours exploring.  I did come back in at dinner time and mum is going to let me use the catdoor now, and see if that makes me happier.

So welcome to the new Chez Q and we hope we can catch up with you all soon.


  1. Oh! Poppy!x It's so nice to hear from you...Missed ya!x
    Your new place looks o.k. Looks a though you've a nice garden, and some decking to.
    You'll both make it your own in no time...
    Look forward to some more photos soon...You both take care now...x

  2. Poppy, it sounds like you miss your old house as much as your human does! I hope you will feel better being able to explore.

  3. I was just thinking this afternoon how you girls were getting on, so lovely to see you have checked in. Do you have some raised beds in your new place? Would you like some catnip plants to plant??. Hope the new pad starts feeling like home real soon. Love Leanne

  4. we hope things will be much much better at your new home

    BoBo Salem
    The Meow Meow Family

  5. I am so sorry the move has been so traumatic and unsettling for you both. I do hope you'll both be comfortable very soon.

    I know I will have at least one more move in my future so I am trying to figure out the where and whats that I must have. Of course, I won't move as long as my parents are alive but when it's just me and the Gs again, I want to move back into a much smaller place like my little cottage in Florida. I miss the simplicicty. Luckily, my business allows me to be anywhere, so long as I have internet so my options are many... which somehow makes it seem more difficult! haha!

    Hope your day at the new Chez Q is wonderful, ladies!

  6. Poppy, I'm so pleased you're in your new place safe and sound.

    It will soon feel like home when you and your mum get into a routine. Although it doesn't do any harm to have a good howl every now and then!

    We are now going to be in a similar position. Our once lovely little flat has deteriorated over the years and there are some serious problems, no heating, a dodgy warped front door, black mold appearing everywhere etc etc. Our mean landlord won't sort it out, so sadly we have to start looking for somewhere soon as we are worrying about our health. It'll be a big upheaval, but we have each other.

    Linda - Daisy, Tabikat, Poppy and Lily xxxxxxx

  7. Mom and I have been crazy worried about you two. We are happy to see you have settled in and have a garden to enjoy.

    Millie & Mom

  8. It is good to see again in a garden poppy. We know how much you love gardens.

  9. Poppy, we're so glad to see you post again. We hope the fellow upstairs will be quiet, or that there's good soundproofing, because truly there's nothing worse than awful neighbours.

    Paws crossed as you both settle in. Head butts from us and hugs from our human.

  10. Poppy, we have been thinking of you and your mum wondering how the move went. Don't worry, in no time it will feel like home. Be sure to post some pictures.

  11. Good to hear from you. Glad the move is over, too. We'll be sending pawsitive thoughts and purrs for your transition, Poppy.
    Enjoy your outside time.

  12. Moving is hard. We are sorry you had to leave your cozy abode. WE hope you find joy in your new home.

  13. We purr you two are getting settled.
    At least you have a bit of a garden to enjoy. We hope that in a while it will feel like home.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  14. So pleased you are back.
    Would it help if Poppy met the young man upstairs? Can you take her to visit? - I know she doesn't like strangers, but it might help if she sees it is not something monstrous up there
    I bet that was the longest four hours of your life - when she was out exploring
    I hope she settles soon and that you are able to get some sleep

  15. How good to hear from you once again! It's such a relief to finally see the light after opening all the cartons and finding places for everything. That looks like a nice bit of mountain view from your yard. We hope it's a peaceful and kindly place for you both.

  16. Poppy, we are glad to hear from you! We are so sorry that you were unhappy. We know moving has been rough on you and Mom. We hope it gets better,soon

  17. Oh Poppy and Julie I feel your pain! When I moved into my house in1998, I think I cried every morning when I woke up. The man who owned it before me was a recluse and a smoker and the place just smelled of lingering smoke and mildew. I had even had a month to clean and disinfect , but it still stunk, P. U!!

    But day after day with my cooking and living it became my home and my "stink" . My cats at the time were upset with one cat, Apu, staying under my bed for 3 days. I had to put a makeshift tiny litter box under the bed for him.

    All this to say, just take it one day at a time. And I think Julie should take Poppy's cue and have a good howl!!

  18. veree nice two see ewe again poppy, hope ewe R bee coming mor N mor settled ...we think chez Q II is very nice, ewe haza grate yard N it looks like yur mum N ewe will bee abe bull ta plant lotz oh greeneree !! we noe its ruff for both oh ewe, change never iz long az ewe haz each other anda safe nayborhood, thatz all that counts...ya dont knead a giant place ta live in any way...just meenz mor kleen up time.. N de less time mum can spend on de mor time her can spend at de store stockin up on feest !!!! :)

  19. Oh, sweetie! We're so sorry you are having trouble adjusting. We think a few potted plants and settling in will make both of you feel better :)

  20. Its nice to hear from you and to know you are ok. Sweety I hope you get used to your new flat soon and settle down as that will make your mum feel better too. I know your mum will make it a home soon and you can be happy together there. x

  21. change is hard to adjust to but you are both there for each other and nothing is better that as a tonic in troubled times!
    we are glad to see you posting again...remember home is where the heart is!!!
    XOXO Karla

  22. So glad you have settled in, remember home is where you and your mum are together. I'm sure you will get used to the new place and fall into your routines again xx

  23. Poppy, I do hope you and mum settle in. It is awful to have to move from a true home. With you in a house, Poppy I bet it will become a home quickly. Meow, Jessica

  24. So glad you too are all moved into your new digs. I am sure you will make it into a fabulous home in no time at all. Welcome back to blog land!

  25. Oh Poppy, we hopes you feels at home soon. We moved almost four years ago and Sasha tried to stay behind at the old house. But now we is happy here.

    We sends our purrs that you feel at home furry soon.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  26. Oh Poppy, we feel so bad for you. We understand your crying; it's a strange place and you don't understand why you just can't go
    home. I hope the lad that's living in
    the upper flat will be respectful of
    your privacy and keep the noise
    down. You have a lovely mountain
    view. Will you be able to plant stuff
    in the yard?

  27. Oh Poppy baby,
    As soon as you get your furs all over the house and your sweet smell in the neighborhood, it will be home. Give mum a hug and let her sleep.

  28. Moving can be tough - hope you get used to da new place soon!

  29. It is good to hear from you Poppy. I am glad the move went safely and hope you both can adjust to your new home and come to love it given time.

  30. I'm glad you were able to find something at such notice. It sounds like there's a housing shortage in New Zealand. Is it just the rental market? I hope you enjoy your new place. Stick close to home, Poppy, until your mum makes sure everything is safe for you.

  31. Is that your new access to outside? Nice and sunny. Sorry about the noise from upstairs. Mum doesn't not miss living with someone else in the same building. She tried to get the upstairs if she could.

  32. Hi Poppy and Mum,

    It's so nice to see you again. We missed you lots. We have our paws crossed that you get used to the new Chez Q real soon. Hugs!