Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunshiney Sunday

We keep reading that so many of our friends are having wicked weather, and we just wanted to let you know that the sun is shining somewhere on the planet.  We got blessed with a wonderful day.

Things that pleased mum today:

  • Finally getting the lid off the nail polish removal bottle.  The child proof lock had prevented her from opening it for 3 weeks.  So now her toenails are Essie Merino Cool, instead of half worn out coral red.
  • Finally remembering to buy her fave olive oil at the local market.  Lots of fresh fruit and veg at the supermarket.
  • Having lunch with a bestie at a nice cafe and then doing some window shopping while taking a big old walk.
  • A nice dinner and a quiet evening on the couch, phone calls with the family and a good couple of shows on the tele.
  • Me ready to snuggle with while she reads her book before bed.
Not so impressed that  I backed up onto the litterbox and deposited my deposit outside the confines of the box.  She has seen the website for cat shaming.  She was seriously considering sending my name in.  The clean up made her have a quick little vomit, and kinda ruined her nice afternoon.

Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday and keeping your butt in the box.


  1. Our mom is so used to cleaning our litter that she said she can do it in her sleep,and I think she sometimes does that. So now we help her by digging loudly so she wakes up at 4am to clean. Hahaha. Btw our mom said its good to see you outside Poppy. We are afraid the haze is coming back here though and hope for rain.

  2. HaHa! Sunday's just got a lot better since reading this Poppy!x
    The sun's out over here to, in ALL it's glory, not a cloud in the sky, I had brekie out on the patio this morning at eight. l've even put some washing out!:).
    Glad Mum got all her bits and pieces sorted....Well done!

  3. So pleased to see you looking relaxed Poppy and soaking up a few rays. We actually have sun here too this morning on the UK south coast. I'm blinking it's so bright!

    I've been on constant litter box duty in recent weeks as my lot won't go out in bad weather. My air freshener has been working overtime!

  4. After having pets for more than 40 years, and this after having grown up with 7 younger brothers and sisters with many diaper changes and such, pretty much nothing makes me sick anymore... well, except for maybe stupid, abusive people. Fortunately, none of those people live with me.

    Hooray for sunshines and meals with besties!

    Have a lovely day!

  5. Those are all things to be very thankful for Poppy! Enjoy your warm weather.

  6. Lucky Poppy, enjoy your sunshine!

    Speaking of litter boxes, it's time for mom to go clean ours. We don't use the outside at all, so she has gotten used to it. Though she does not appreciate a fresh deposit when she's cleaning, MOL

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  7. My human says that dog poop is WAY worse than any kitty deposits! And she is right.

  8. I think the good things far out way the bad in your day. Kitty poop is nothing compared to some of the human things I have to clean up lol

  9. Nice to see some sun somewhere! Sounds like you need a larger box? MOL

  10. Oh, crap. That's all we can say about that!

    Sunshine here too, and we sure are appreciating it.

  11. Happy to hear you have the sun shines. Very cold here. Perfect for curling up with mum. I like your little story about missing the box! Hee hee. From, Jessica

  12. Oh dear Poppy, we hope you don't get into the hall of shame.

  13. We are glad you are enjoying the sunshine! We has a sunny weekend, too!

  14. You're so adorable, Poppy! We so love your little round face.

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