Friday, December 26, 2014

Boxing Day

Mums on call night was not too bad - she got home and to bed by 3am this morning.  So she was up and about just after 8.  A quick trip through town which was crazy busy by 10am with people pursuing the sales.  Mum instead headed out of town to visit her good friends who live beside the sea in a small village.  They were having a tasty lunch of steamed dumplings and salad.  Boy was it good.  Then a tasty orange cake and mum needed a quick walk.  The sun had begun to shine and luckily there was a little breeze to keep it nice and cool.

Then mum darted home in time to play with me, do some washing, cook dinner and relax before the call phone goes on again in 10 minutes.

Mum was thinking of last Boxing Day - which we had to spend at the emergency vet after my bunged up eye.  Such drama.

Hope you all got to do some fun stuff today too!!


  1. I'm glad your human had a nice day - mine is going to a Boxing Day get together with friends.

  2. Well! I'm having lots of fun up here with
    my daughter Poppy!x
    She has two Saffy's and three puddy~tats.
    So, one dog and two puddy~cats sleep
    with me every night! Great fun too....! :.
    hough the dog does snore a bit....Hehe!

  3. Lots of lunches with friends are happening here, too, Poppy, dear. And the cats' gift exchange included many heavy paper gift bags containing a sock mouse filled with 'nip. I do believe you'd have enjoyed whatever was going on under the sofa...

  4. Sounds like your Mom had a good Christmas.
    You too :)
    We purr her work days are easy and she gets to spend more time with you.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  5. Sounds like an excellent time Poppy! Mmmmm! Orange cake! I take a lot of walks this time of year. Lol

  6. sounds like a much better boxing day than last year. Beautiful weather up here.