Sunday, December 21, 2014


Oh man, mum says it is hard to get good pictures of little kittens, cos they run all over the place and chase the camera and balls and string and stuff.  Mum took a few, but thinks these ones might be the best ones of the bunch.

So she had a grand day yesterday.  She met some friends out and about, and they went  for sushi at the market which was nice as the Salvation Army brass band were playing Christmas carols.  Then they went for a spot of shopping before visiting mums friends for  a nice walk by the beach and fresh fish and salad for dinner.

Mum then went out today to meet some besties and they did a wee wander around the shops and had a lovely lunch out.  Mum then had to have a nap on the couch imbetween loads of washing.  There was a four hour hiatus from the rain, as we have had 5 days in a row of rainy weather.  We are soo over it.   But we know we mustn't complain for at least it is not snow.  That is cold and deep and you have to shovel.  And for sure soon we will be complaining about how hot we are and how we need a fan.

Me - I stayed home and relaxed all weekend.


  1. They look lovely Poppy!x
    And, you do need a break from the 'front' of
    the camera....! :).

    Oh! ask Mum...Why is she napping between loads
    of washing on the couch....! Tell her..She supposed
    to put it in the machine!!! :>). Bless!x

  2. Such a lovely day your mum had! BTW, we bet it was for her not to take those kittens home! :-)

  3. Poppy, dear, those kittens are very fortunate to have a good home in which to run around and grow into those BIG paws. When they're adults, your mum and theirs will enjoy looking at photos of the year when they were 'Christmas kittens.' It's something besties love to do! Your mum knows how to make the most of the moment and the situation: lucky you.

  4. Those are very cute pictures of the little ones.

  5. The babies are adorable! Glad your mum got a chance to have some fun. Of course,we kitties find relaxing the best pastime of all!

  6. Those kittens are adorable! Sounds like mum had some fun and so did you...doing what a kitty likes best...relaxing.

    Have a great week Poppy and mum!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  7. Those little kittens are adorable! But so are you, Poppy. We hope the rain goes away soon and the sun comes out for you. Meow from Jessica

  8. Oh, those little babies sure are cute, Poppy!