Saturday, December 6, 2014

Caturday Crisis

Hi Caturday kitties - are you having fun?

The mumster and I had a big sleep in.  Even though I tried to wake her to make her aware of the big biscuit crisis of 2014 she wasn't budging.  Then she got up and raced to the shower, cleaned up, fixed the biscuit crisis (hallelujah) and got dried and gussied up.  She says that she headed out to do some christmas business and then went to meet a bestie for dinner.  At least she got home for feast time - rather late at 9pm but still good for me.

I think I am all caught up after 20 hours snoozing today, but am back on the bed for a little after feast snoozeathon.  I'll be coming up for air (and biscuits) around 7am!

Hope you had some fun today everybuddy!!!


  1. 20hrs snoozing....Oh! Just a quick one then Poppy!x :).
    I've just got back home from a bit of shopping...It's nearly 11:30, suns out, and a bit cold. I'm gonna have a cup of tea, and a dough~nut! Then l've got some pheasants, rabbits and pigeons to see to....Yum~Yum!
    Pheasant for Sunday lunch! :>).

  2. Poppy, dear, 20hrs might qualify you for the Winter Olympics Cat Nap event! Both the toms who live with me are eating lots of biscuits and feast while they get into serious training mode...

  3. Poppy, you are lucky - my human never leaves food out for us. She says we are ALL pigs! Which is dumb because we are clearly kitties.

  4. Glad da biskit crisis has been averted!

  5. We have been watching or snoopervising mum doing all of her weekend chores.

    If mum want to get extra sleeps, she makes sure we have extra noms, no reason to wake her up then.

  6. I agree Poppy! A good snoozeathon is fun sometimes. :)

  7. Whew!
    Glad you got those biscuits :o
    We love that pic Poppy :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  8. A snoozeathon!! Tex is the grand master of those. Very good for you.

  9. It feels very good to sleep. We think we'll join you in a few zzzzzzzz's!

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