Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday Relaxing

It is Sunday afternoon, and mum is preparing for another afternoon shift.  That means a quick nap on the bed with me at 2pm, then get up and put her face and uniform on.  Still, she was up early and got washing on the line, hoovered, did some dishes and got to the supermarket, which is the most productive she has been all week.  Ohh and she managed to make lunch and do a family phone call as well.

A bit of book reading Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult and a bit of TV watching - she has been watching the Documentry on the Liberty shop in London which makes her smile.  All good things to make a mum relax.

Hope you are getting some relaxing done too.


  1. Poppy, dear, your sweet upsy-down smile makes me relax, too.

  2. I've just made my first lemon tea of the day Poppy!x
    It's nearly seven, and still very dark. Get's light about
    eight! Brrrrrrrr! Bit cold though!

    You look lovely...Up~side~down...HeHe! But then we up
    in the north, always think your up~side~down anyway! :>).

  3. Mum is laundry chief today, the feetsball coming soon.

  4. Poppy, you look lovely even upside down. Is that a bit of fang we see? Your mom sure got a lot done this morning, We are in the opposite of productive with our mom still lounging about in her fleece jammies & mom is watching cooking shows while consuming large quantities of coffee. She needs to get her tush in gear if we are to get out Chrissy-mouse tree decorated. We hope your mom does not have to work too hard on her shift tonight & that you can snuggle together in the morning.Our mom wishes we could get the good shows on BBC, but the 'merican version only has news & old Graham Norton shows. We miss TWD on Sunday nights.

  5. You look furry relaxed, upside down, Poppy! We hopes your mum beans work goes well and she is home soon to snuggle with you.

    Sasha. Sami, & Saku

  6. Very relaxed here Poppy! That is an adorable photo of you, btw! Glad Mum was able to relax a little. I've heard the new Jodi Picoult book is good, but I don't have it yet. Maybe soon...

  7. Your poor mum, Poppy. We hope you are helping to get some rest with all the busyness. Meow from Jessica