Thursday, January 8, 2015


Once again we have been shocked watching the news.  Crazy stuff.  We just wish people would learn to get along, take things easy and be grateful for being able to live in this lovely world.  People should be more like cats.


  1. Poppy, dear, you're correct: People should be more like cats in many ways. Bet you don't go out and about without ears pricked and eyes open -- looking to see if you're being watched or followed, and making sure your route to a quick escape is clear. Sleep when you can, be wired when you must!

  2. Totally insane what is happening around the world. Somehow I do not see this fight ever ending, it has been going on since the beginning of time really. I always feel safe being tucked down here in our little country but who knows how long that will last. I retreat to my garden, there is peace and happiness there, wish you two could come join me!!

  3. Totally agree poppy!x
    After ALL these years, you'd think people
    would have learnt to live together!
    And, yes, people should be more like cats!

  4. Some people don't understand free speech. It's not meant to be pleasant, it's meant to be free. If someone says things you don't like, ignore them, insult them, rant about it; some people know only anger and hatred. This is why I don't have television anymore, and my radio is for music.

  5. I agree Poppy, it was another horrible day. It seems that every time one of these events occur another follows quickly, the escalation is frightening. There are definitely days I wish I was a cat...but only if I had a home with a mum as nice as yours.