Saturday, January 10, 2015

Casual Caturday

Hello Caturday Kitties!!  Are you relaxing yet?  I am - in fact I am lying on this quilt just about where mum took this picture.  We were lazy this morning and idled in bed, til mum finally got up and showered and dressed.  She got the washing on and ate a couple of hot cross buns for her breakfast.

The sun was fabulous today, so mum went out for a walk as she had her hair appointment at 1pm.  She turned up 10 minutes early but was told her hairdresser wouldn't be ready til after 1 so mum walked around again, then returned to find out there was another half hour wait..  There is a MacDonalds next door, so mum went and had a drink and read the newspaper.  The hairdresser was nice and mum got a free treatment for waiting patiently.

I waited patiently at home too for my fancy feast.  It has been a lovely summers evening and mum was pleased to be able to have a quiet evening at home, getting little bits and bobs done.

Hope you all had some fun today and got to take it easy!!


  1. I bet the weather is just gorgeous right now! Not so much here, but nowhere near as bad as many of my pals in the eastern U.S.!

  2. Lovely day all round Poppy!x
    For you and Mum...And, l see in the background,
    you've got your lap~top all ready for tomorrows
    post! :).

  3. Poppy-you look especially adorable today =)
    It certainly sounds like you and your Mom are having a great day!
    the kitty brats

  4. Poppy, dear, few days are more pleasurable than one in which one does the bits and bobs, gets a cut and color, and then chills out with the cat.

  5. We were lazy all day. In fact, Mom Paula stayed in her pjs with us in the house today for a relaxing day.

  6. I would have been quite happy to wait with you at Mcd's!

  7. That sounds like a pretty nice and relaxing day for you and Mum, Poppy. Hugs to you both, sweet friends.

  8. Glad you and your Mum had a great Saturday, Poppy! I wish it was summers here too, but that wouldn't make any sense, would it? :)