Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Sleepy Kitten Cuteness

Yes, that is little me, all cute and sleepy.  Now I am a big girlcat and curled up next to mum as she is doing stuff on the computer.

Our day was lovely - no painters came although a couple of guys turned up to clear out some rubbish which was good.  Mum went out as the sun was beautiful and went for a walk by the beach.  She has been having some bad hip pain since Friday, but after some Ibuprofen a bit of exercise seemed to help loosen her up.  She bought a couple of candles and some facecloths, all exciting stuff.

Off to the supermarket for some chicken, which she shared a bit with me as about once a month I will beg mum for some of her raw chicken.  I only eat two or three tiny pieces.  Mum made a spicy chilli chicken with peppers, which she served in a wrap with lots of greens and salad.  The good thing there is enough for the next two dinners.  Mum loves doing that.

Then some time on the couch for  a few family phone calls and bam - the weekend is almost over!!!  Hope you have all had fun and are relaxing now.


  1. I'm just taking a little break Poppy!x
    I've got six coming up at 1 o'clock for lunch...
    So that will drag on a bit...Lot's of yummy things
    to eat and drink...Hic! :). HeHe!

    Ah! And those photos...What can l say...Lovely!
    Lovely! Lovely!x

  2. Poppy, dear, what precious baby pictures! Your mum and I are alike in enjoying family time with cats at the computer (the compressed air cannister at the ready to blow away the fur). And I do share tiny bits of meat with the felines when I cook up my Sunday supper-plus-lunches. They always remind me too much meat is bad for my budget and my health.

  3. Poppy, your sleepy face in those pics makes our human think of Derry. You both have a lovely sturdy build and similar face shape. :-)

    We're glad you had a break from the painters!

  4. Poppy, such cute baby pictures! Since I found all my current crew as adult strays I don't have any nostalgic photos like those. Oh, I have to tell you I had such a long dream last night that I took a vacation trip to New Zealand!! I was in awe of all the interesting plants and animals. My hotel was built in such a way that you could see snow out the back door but it was tropical out the front! I also remember thinking in my dream that I wished I knew where Poppy lived so I could go visit! I laughed when I woke up thinking about you! Hope you have a somewhat quieter week...

  5. A cute kitten and a pretty girl now.
    We are glad you two had a quiet day :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  6. You were a beautiful baby, too!

    My father's cat loved her "Yickie", too. She would show up in the kitchen as soon as Mom took the chicken out of the fridge to cut it up :-)

  7. Weekends sure do fly by! Too fast, if you ask me.. though I know no one did. You sure are super adorable in those pics, Poppy!

  8. You were such a cute kitten Poppy, I totally understand why mum fell in love with you...and why she loves you still.

    Sounds like you both had a wonderful day. Have a great week!

  9. What an adorable kitten you were Poppy. Even as a baby you loved your sleeps. You cannot tell from those photos that you would grow into such a big girlcat, except your paws were big for such a little kitten. Glad to hear things have quieted down on the house painting for the day. Sounds like mom cooked a big pot of chili. Our mom likes that when she cooks, she usually has enough to last 3 days. She loves coming home & just needing to reheat her dinner. We love chick-hen. We don't eat it raw, but love it roasted. When we smell it cookin' in the hot as hell box we dance around the kitchen meowing like crazy & rubbing our mom's legs. Finally, mom gives us a nice plate of minced up chicky that we polish off & then we tale a long sleeps.. Glad you mom's hip pain is better. Our mom can't wait until TWD is back on Sunday. Only a couple more weeks until the 2nd half of the season starts. Is you mom looking forward to that show being back on Poppy?.

  10. Oh squeeee! You were such an adorable little girl and an even more beautiful lady cat now. With age comes wisdom AND beauty!

  11. Cute kitten you were. Yeah, mum is bummed that the weekend is almost done.

  12. What a cutie! You looked like you do now, only a little squished.