Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sunday Relaxing

Today was a good relaxing Sunday.   An early morning for mum, which was good as it gave her time to eat her toast and finish the episode of Downton Abbey that she started last night.  How good is this series?  Mum loves it lots.

Two loads of washing were done and on the line and then mum went out for a morning walk which was nice as it was just getting sunny and hot as she reached town.  A new hair straightener had to be purchased and although mum loved her GHD straighteners, they were awful pricey.  So a budget pair were bought, which is always stressful, hopefully not money wasted.

Mum then caught the bus and went to meet some friends for lunch at a nice cafe.  It is one of the boys birthday tomorrow, so mum treated everybody to a move to see Big Hero 6, which the boys enjoyed lots.  A nice afternoon out for a treat.  Mum then wandered into town and walked home which was good to stretch the legs after all of that sitting down.

So dinner was cooked, rosemary and garlic chicken with roasted potatoes and a salad, which mum enjoyed and a feast for me.  Then relaxing on the couch catching up with another episode of Downton will I slept quietly on the bed.  Life is good.


  1. Do you know Poppy!x
    I have never watched Downton Abbey...It's been on
    over here in the UK, just have'nt got round to seeing it.
    Shame really, it's the sort of thing l know l'd like.

    HeHe! I was reading through your post, and, as l got to the
    end...I thought, l wonder what Mum, had for dinner. I'm sure
    Poppy!x will tell us...! :).
    I'm having pheasant to~day.....mmmmM! Love pheasant....!

  2. Poppy, it seems your mum had a lovely day! BTW, how weird is that that our human almost bought a new hair straightener yesterday...she had it in her cart, but put it back because it was a budget price too, and she wasn't sure if she'd be wasting her money! (It was a wet to dry straightener, something she's not tried and she doesn't know if they really work.)

    Anyway, we hope today is good too, for you both!

  3. Sound like a wonderful day , Miss Poppy !
    and thanks soo much for purring for me & my grandpa ( he is 80 something & got stroke )

  4. Sounds like your mum had a lovely day, and a good relaxing evening together for both of you.

  5. Poppy, dear, we ladies do enjoy a sunny day that enables us to check items off The List -- and still enjoy being out and about! Hmmm. Rosemary garlic chicken sounds delicious!

  6. That sounds like a great day all the way around, Poppy. For Mum and her friends, and for you, too. :)


  7. We are just getting started tonight on Sunday for Downton season 5.