Tuesday, January 6, 2015


So mum went off to the library and then to the supermarket this afternoon.   While she was doing her shopping she thought she would check out the shampoo/beauty aisle for specials.  Going past the makeup she did notice a girl, in a green t-shirt and pregnant picking up at leas three of the maybelline mascaras and shove them into her shopping bag.  It did strike mum as odd, as you usually use a basket or trolley, and put your things in the bag after you have paid for them.  Also, those mascaras are $25 each (we know - crazy prices for a basic), so nobody buys three when they aren't on special.  Mum didn't like to say anything, cos those girls looked tough.

The girls pushed past mum in the yoghurt aisle and then when mum lined up to pay, she noticed them behind her.   They lined up behind mum, then they checked out the chocolates in the middle display,, then they nodded to each other and legged it out of the store.  Mum did call over a manager, and they said they would check the security tapes, but not much they could do.

That annoys mum, cos it is us the hard working honest folks that end up paying higher prices cos of those lazy shoplifters.  Also when she got home, she forgot to get rubbish bags, her whole reason for being in the supermarket.


  1. Sorry for your Mom. Here in Brazil we are used to catch this kind of attitude. Unfortunately it is normal here. Nobody does anything, justice here is only for rich people. Living here in our country is not for the weak. Very sad.
    A beautiful country with terrible people.

  2. Your mum was wisely prudent, Poppy, dear. Here in the States such female thugs drive to the suburbs to rob the nicer stores, doing a 'drop n shop' as your mum described into a baby's bag or stroller (to make LEOs look bad on camera if they're caught.) One learns to scan the cars parked just outside the door, usually in a handicapped spot!, for their mates waiting to make a quick getaway. The items taken are not worth the fuss of pursuit and apprehension. No justice, just loot for which your mum and I must eventually pay.

  3. That is sad. Girls stealing and getting away with it will just continue to do the same and worse. It's good your mom didn't interfere or things could have gotten nasty.

  4. My mom said Waste da time to call da maneger, didn't it ?
    She feels sorry for your mom , and the owner of the shop
    And the price is so high just because the shop has to add up this kind of thing on top of it.
    All is end with customer who have to pay extra for unnecessary
    But me & my mom are happy your mom are safe from that tough girl
    Take care

  5. Apparently it is a problem all over the world. :-(

  6. poppy Q...sad lee thiz seems ta bee de standard everee wear, by customerz AND werkers....bak manee moonz ago de food serviss gurl werked at a furniture store N employees wood steel stuff left N rite, be caught on camera, knot care & when they got fired, nothin was done ...noe charges... nothin

  7. Too bad your mum didn't go and mention it to the manager. Then they could have had a closer eye on them afor they ran out. But regardless of how much things cost, they do this world wide. Around here they shoplift baby formula.

  8. we live in a fallen world...protect yourself at all costs because your life is more important than the trouble of reacting can cause. Telling the management is the way to go...you did what was right. No thieves will get into heaven :) only nice people and cats!
    we love you...