Saturday, June 4, 2016

Caturday Chilling

I was lucky to catch some sunbeams today as they spilled through the window.  Mum has not had a chance to do the housekeeping yet, there is a pile of washing to be sorted and she still has to hoover and tidy up.  Last night she worked another busy shift and this morning headed out early to meet a bestie for a wander.  By the afternoon her feet were sore after hours of wandering round town and she was glad to head home.  An early dinner was had, a wee nap and a few shows on the box, and now time to head to bed.

We are lucky and have three days to enjoy each others company and three days of sunny days forecast.  Of course with sunny days come chilly nights but we are enjoying the opportunity to snuggle down at night.  I am still not sleeping with mum yet, although as soon as it gets real frosty and drops to 0 deg (C), mum expects to hear my footsteps up the hallway and jumping onto her bed.

Hope you have all had a good Caturday and enjoyed yourselves.


  1. Looks as though your enjoying the
    suns rays Poppy!x
    Bit overcast over here, but dry, l
    can hear people out in their gardens,
    cutting the grass...And, l've had my
    feast out on the patio...Very nice to! :).

  2. Poppy, you founds yourself a nice, cosy, sunny spot. :-)

    *We're* enjoying the day, though the human is slogging away at all of the chores. She keeps saying she's "too old" for this (spending most of her free time trying to keep the dust under control -- futile effort!). :-)

    Have a good Sunday!

  3. Your presence on the bed is as good as a thermometer reading, I'll bet, Poppy.

  4. I don't usually sleep with mum even when it is cold. I sometimes I sit on her.

  5. A few sunbeams for a lovely kitty to enjoy. We hope you snuggle up to mum in these chilly nights.