Monday, June 6, 2016

Outside Nap Fail

I did consider it - truly I did.  The sun was shining, even a bit warm but no I chose to sleep under the bench instead.

Mum had a nice day off today.  A little sleep in, a little salmon toast for breakfast, a walk in the sunshine.  She was shopping for a raincoat, but found a warm jacket instead.  Oh well.  She fed me a feast and made herself some chicken and pasta for her dinner.

3 days off was lovely - thank you Queenie for having a birthday and giving us a day off to recover.  Cheers to you!!


  1. Don't blame you for sleeping under the bench
    Poppy!x Looks as though it was getting hotter
    there, and you don't want to move when settled,
    do you! :0).

  2. Poppy, dear, the third day off is truly a healing grace for middle-aged working women. This gives us time to pause and consider our options -- rather like your deciding on/under the bench.

  3. Maybe your mum could move the bed to your spot under the bench next time. Of course, then you'd want to sleep on top and in the sunshine. LOL.

    We're glad your mum had that extra day off...Beth certainly got it right in her comment! :-)

  4. Sometimes it's just nicer to sleep in the shade!

  5. Happy extra day off thanks to HM.

  6. Anywhere a cat decides to nap is a good place for a nap. :)

    Hooray for extra days off!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  7. We don't get a day off in Canada for the Queen's birthday, which is a shame, I think. But we do get Victoria Day off, a celebration of another queen. And since Her Current Majesty doesn't seem the petty sort, it's probably all right for everyone.

  8. poppy Q....tell mum ta put yur bed under de bench if therez room....purr hapz N may bee....glad mum hada awesum three day week oh end....heerz hopin her getz another one soon just coz ~~ ♥♥♥