Thursday, June 9, 2016

Thankful Thursday

The blue skies have ebbed away, and mum is thankful that the rain arrived once mum was only a few minutes away from home, so she arrived mostly dried.  Work was busy, and mum was in charge of booking things and getting things organised today, but as soon as she booked five things in, there were 10 more things waiting to be done.  So she was thankful when the day was over and she got to head on home.  So one more day to get through and it will be the weekend again.

We feel like we are both hibernating on the couch at the  moment, but winter can feel like that with the dark long evenings.  It is hard to believe that the shortest day of the year will be upon us in a few weeks and the days will again begin to get longer.

Hope you all have a lovely evening too.


  1. I know Poppyx I hate the long dark evenings to!
    Though at the mo, it's still light at 9:30.

  2. Poppy, dear, long dark evenings are ideal for thinking about things...and recharging one's energies for whatever arrives in spring.

  3. poppy Q.....N joy yur nite az well; we was just thinkin bout that
    short day // long day stuff just de other day !!! ....June 21st we haz
    de most day time, then it'z all down hill from ther !!! N joy
    yur fryday, caturday & SUNday with mum ...we iz out til monday; sew heerz two a longnose lancetfish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  4. Just 2 weeks, dear Poppy, and that shortest day will have been and gone!

  5. Your mum needs to take a umbrella with her! Yikes, your shortest day, our longest. Then we get to switch!

  6. Yikes, yes, less than three more weeks until our summer, your winter - and not long until half the year is over. Good Heavens.