Sunday, June 12, 2016

Psychic Fleas

Mum says we have often have a trouble controlling my fleas.  She gave me a dose of revolution flea treatment on the 1st of june, but she  knew it hadn't done much.  When she sat me down and gave me a good comb yesterday there were still some of the wriggly fleas squirming round.

She had made a plan to go and meet a friend for lunch, and was thinking about getting some flea treatment.  The weather was a bit horrid here this morning, with big rains looming, so she texted her friend who lives near a vet, to see if she could pop in and pick her up some treatments before they met up.

Mums friend took a while to reply, but said sure.  Mum didn't want to put her out, and was grateful when she showed up at the cafe with some Advantage flea treatment.  She said she was a bit amazed at the coincidence, as she was just heading out her gate to go to her vets and get some flea treatment for her cat.  Great minds think alike.

It was a good lunch out, but the weather had turned to rain, so mum was glad to make it home early with some groceries,  and sit on the couch next to me.


  1. Hope the flea treatment works Poppy!x
    Horrid things...a good comb and a brush
    always helps, but, you need the medication!

    Busy! Busy! Over here this weekend...Queens
    Burfday...! Lot's going on, street parties,
    and one BIG one up the Mall...10,000 people,
    lot's of colour, and noise...hope it stays
    dry, though scattered showers are forecast.
    No umbrellas allowed, though they'll give out
    ponchos if it rains! :).

  2. We hope the Advantage does the trick, Poppy. Derry will get it a couple of times over the summer, but Nicki won't stand for it. Sometimes the human gets the vet to do it, then he avoids her for a day or so when he's home. He really had a terrible reaction to it (the smell, maybe).

  3. Poppy, dear, sometimes the best solution to fleas, psychic or ordinary, is a b.a.t.h.

  4. I used to put a bit of brewers yeast in the cat's soft food (tiny bit each time) and it kept the fleas away.

  5. I hate it when my mum puts the yucky stuff on my neck, Poppy.

  6. It's no fun having fleas, is it Poppy dearest. Those nasty fleas are in the grass & they also like to live in your carpets/bedding. Vacuuming every day & getting rid of the vacuum bag or emptying the canister immediately into the trash can really help to control those yucky fleas & their eggs. Tell your mom that it's always best to check with you vet before giving extra doses of flea treatments like Frontline & Advantage because they contain pesticides which can cause toxicity in some cats, esp when the recommended dosage is exceeded. Symptoms of central nervous system toxicity can range from excessive drooling, seizures & even death. While it's no good to have icky fleas biting you & stealing your bloods, it's impawtant to remember that many flea treatments contain synthetic pesticides (i.e. Pyrethroids) that can potentially be harmful to both man & beasts. We just want peoples to know that these flea treatments are not without potential adverse side-effects. They act on the cat's central nervous system, so yor human should consult with your vet before giving their cat more than the recommended treatment. Poppy, we hope you are flea-free soon

  7. Fleas! Oh you poor thing. I hope the treatment works. My co-worker once accused me of giving my Jessica fleas!

  8. We sure hope the treatment works Poppy, fleas sure don't sound like any fun at all.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  9. Poor Poppy! We hope those flea treatments work, and that you are flea-free real soon.