Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Snoozy Shift

Mum is back on another afternoon shift.  What a crazy roster it has been for the past few weeks, so I am learning to sleep during the day and wake up at 11pm when she gets home, ready for my feast and my little visit outside.  It has been raining during the day though, so when mum came home she said it was quite mild.  In fact on the news tonight it says that it has been the warmest six months of the year ever, since records began.

Mum went through the supermarket tonight, she loves a late night visit there.  No crowds and she can be in and out in five minutes picking up a few supplies.  Not good for the budget or the waistline but oh well.


  1. Ah! You look lovely Poppy!x Sleeping Beauty!x
    You and Mums sleeping patterns seem all over the
    place..Still, at least you can manage a bit of
    shut eye, when ever!

    Over here it looks as though were having the wettest
    June on record...Nice and sunny this morning, rain
    forecast this afternoon....Oh! well, hope there's
    summat good on TV. :).

  2. Our weather, globally speaking, seems to get wonkier every year. As for supermarkets, there's a 24-hour one on the way to our biped's office, and she stops there far too frequently for something ready-made for lunch, from their deli. So it's easy to spend too much and then eat too much too! :-)

  3. That is the one advantage to night shifts - less crowds at the market. Since my human works some crazy hours sometimes, she always does that.

  4. Crazy human hours sure do mess up a kitty's nap times, don't they?

  5. poppy Q...de food servizz gurl werkz in de morn & de afturr noon N eye sleep de day a way... all de time....pluz itz way mor fun ta bee active durin dark o clox......ya can get a way with mor stuff !!! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  6. Poppy, you are the cutest photo subject! Keep your poor mum company when she comes home from a long shift at work.

  7. Poppy, dear, I agree with your mum about the convenience of shopping late at night. It's often only me, the clerks and two nurses from the hospital down the street.