Friday, June 24, 2016


Today was a quite warmish 16 deg C in the city, a good few degrees warmer than it normally is for this time of year, with some cities reaching 20 deg, and the snow festival down south in Queenstown is mostly without snow.  Mum went for a wander in the afternoon, but made sure to take her jacket as the temperature cools down after 4pm.

She walked home to get some fresh air and was walking past the National War Memorial which is just around the corner from our house.  At 5pm each night just under the Bell Tower, the last post is played by the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior as the flags are lowered.  It is moving to hear and mum was glad that she took the ten minutes to sit and listen.

So a quiet evening at home, and mum is hoping that tonight she finally gets to sleep.  This nightshift has muddled her  sleeping pattern still but hopefully her clock will be reset after the weekend.


  1. I did'nt get a lot of sleep last night Poppy!x
    Left the TV on in the bedroom, waiting for the
    results of the in/out referendum on the EU.
    I was so pleased the 'out' won. I voted against
    it back in 75. What a mess it's been since then.
    Though it was a surprise that 'out' won it! We
    shall see what happens...At least the UK can get
    on and govern itself, with out un~elected
    politicians telling us what to do!
    HeHe! I'm put my soapbox away now....!!! :).

  2. We hope your mum gets the rest she needs, Poppy. Certainly there aren't any concerns you won't. LOL.

    We'll trade you winters! :-D

  3. Sixteen degrees in winter? That's pretty mild, Poppy!

    That's a nice ceremony at the memorial. I don't think we have one like that in Ottawa, though we should, especially with Canada having had troops fighting and serving overseas recently.

  4. That is warmer than it is here, and we are supposed to be heading into summer now!