Thursday, June 23, 2016


Sorry we missed the wordless wednesday yesterday.   Mum got home from a lovely day out.  She met her friend and friends mother and the ladies went to the movies to see Florence Foster Jenkins with Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant, a nice story that made the girls giggle.  They then had lunch out and mum went for a little walk, but by the mid afternoon all her body wanted to do was rest.  She came home and then took a nap at 5pm but didn't wake up until 8pm.  Then of course sleep was hard to come by, but she had a good book to read.

So she has woken up today and still feels like she could sleep for days.  Night shift has mucked her body round terribly this time.  She has to work an afternoon shift today, so hopefully will sleep through the night tonight and by the weekend should have returned to normal.

Our lavender if having a little bloom outside in the middle of winter.  It has been quite mild here with temperatures around 15 deg C.  We haven't really had any cold spells this winter yet, although we are sure they are coming.  We only get snow once every ten years or so in our city so are lucky to just get lots of grey, windy and wet weather.


  1. Glad you enjoyed the movie - we thought it was rather good. I think night shifts would be killers

  2. Ah! Poor Mum Poppy!x
    At least she caught up with a little sleep,
    hopefully she'll catch up soon!
    We're having funny weather over here, heavy
    rain during the night, brighter this morning,
    and during the day! :).

    The lavender looks lovely, do you have a little
    sniff poppy! :0).

  3. Me hope your mom have a good rest and fill up her energy because it's really important for own health and our feeding time..tee..heh..heh

    Your lavender looks fantastic and me guess smell pawsome too =^x^=


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  4. Our purrs to yer Mom about the night work. We mean, sleeping annytime is good, but night is best.

  5. The lavender is so pretty. We used to grow it years ago in the little back space, but one spring's uncommon heat then sudden freeze killed it off (and a lot of perennials in many gardens). Would that we got snow only every 10 years. LOL. But the trade off is that we don't have earthquakes.

    We hope your mum will be able to sleep better tonight. We really can't fathom why people in certain fields of health care/hospitals can't be given the same shift for "x" number of months. It certainly would be better for the employee's health and well-being, to be able to adjust to a particular schedule for a good length of time.

    Purrs and peace.

  6. Poppy, dear, I do hope that your mum gets sufficient rest to sort out her sleep deficiency! I agree with Fuzzy, health care workers deserve a working environment that promotes good health -- and rotating shifts is NOT good. Keep setting a good example by napping 20/24.

  7. I hope your mum will get some decent sleep in the next few nights, Poppy. She's doing better than I would under such conditions.

    We get wind here a great deal, and I'd rather have the wet and greyness. I listen to opera and opera-related radio programmes, so I'm familiar with Florence Foster Jenkins, and want to see the film. Meryl Streep continues to show her talent, doesn't she?

  8. poppy Q....yur lavendar looks better N ourz... & ourz iz spozed ta bee in full bloom ~~~ sorree mum iz havin a time of it again with her sleepz...we hope thiz wek oh end her can get bak two ree teen & ya both N joy ~~~~~~

    we iz offline til monday; sew heerz two a moorish idol …chek him out ! kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  9. The lavender is beautiful, Poppy.
    We hope your Mom gets more rest.

  10. We sure hope your mom bean gets some good rest. We don't know how she manages without elebenty nine naps a day like us kitties.

    The lavender is furry pretty!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku