Friday, June 10, 2016

Stormy Friday

Twas a bit of a wet and windy one this morning when mum headed out to work.  Dawn had barely broken and it was so dark out that there was little in the way of sunshine anyways.  Mum pulled out her winter beanie to keep her hair dry on the way to work.  Alas our weather is not made for umbrellas as it is to windy to keep them up, so a good solid raincoat is the way to keep dry.

It was a good evening for mum to feed me my feast early, she had nodded off on the couch, but I meowed at her until she woke up and dished me up my dinner.  She then heated up some chicken soup and bread for herself.  Then she had a couple of oranges - she loves the American Navel Oranges that are imported down under.    Good vitamin C for the winter.  It is funny that we ship Oranges and grapes to NZ, and send our apples and lamb out to the world, as well as many other items.

Hope you are all ready for the weekend - it all starts now!!


  1. That sky does look a bit stormy Poppy!x
    Best stay in and cuddle with Mum...!

    I love oranges and lemons, the new supermarket
    down the road, has lemons from my country..Sicily.
    Lovely big Sicilian lemons, unwaxed, excellent!
    And, l have to say, NZ lamb, is the best in the
    world, though with this stupid EU business, it's a
    job to get hold of, and very expensive...I shall vote
    'OUT' of the EU on the 23rd..Voted against it in the
    first place..back in 75..Neck and neck at the moment.
    And to much of it on the telly...! :(.

  2. Poppy, dear, I just watched a video clip of the Royal NZ Navy patrol ship, the Otago, braving a 60 foot wave -- and thought of your mum, walking to work. Quite right about the navel oranges as an antidote to dark days!

  3. We hope your skies are sunny this weekend, Poppy, and that you and your mum have a wonderful two days.

    Purrs and peace.

  4. Early dinner for you, and chicken soup and oranges for your Mom, sounds like a good way to deal with a dark cold evening!