Saturday, September 17, 2016

Caturday Couching

Caturday was a bit of a slow one today.  The mumster is still trying to kick her cold and so she made it from the bed to the couch, back to the bed, onto the couch and now we are preparing to head back to bed again.  The weather was a bit rough today too with rain more of less none stop, but we have noticed it stopped about 8pm, so maybe tomorrow might be a bit better.

I have been a good nurse and helping mum rest.

Hope you all had a lovely Caturday and got some fun stuff done.


  1. Ah! Bless you Poppy!x
    Thought you'd look after Mum, and help
    her rest! Best thing to!

    We've got a few days of sunshine on the
    way, although it's supposed to be Autumn.

    I've got five for dinner tomorrow, my
    Burfday on Wednesday...And eight next
    Sunday..My Burfdays tend to drag on a bit,
    Can't fit everyone in, so have to split them
    up...! :). I can get ten in the dinning room,
    no more, without knocking the wall down...! :).

  2. How can your mum not feel better with you and your excellent nursing!

  3. Poppy, you sure are a wonderful nurse for Mum. We hope she continues to feel better and better!

  4. Wonderful work, dear one. Having you as her nurse will help keep your mum's spirits up. We hope she can kick those nasty gems to the curb.