Thursday, September 1, 2016

Try Something New Thursday - Springtime!!

Hello September - hello springtime.   Mum was on call last night and got a lucky call in in the morning that allowed her to have the day off from work.  She also had made sure she went to sleep at 11pm and so waking up at 3.45am was not too difficult.  She got home after 5am and managed a bit of snoozing and reading her book - all relaxing.

An early shower allowed her to get the towels and some clothes out on the line and even after only 5 hours outside were mostly dry.  The mornings and evenings are much lighter now and it is often warm after work as mum heads home.

I like to go out and roll round on the deck and in the garden and soon will be able to snooze out their more as the days warm up .   We love springtime !!!


  1. Nice to hear of Mum relaxing Poppy!x
    After all...she has a lovely, well made
    bed to lie on now! After the last three
    posts have shown! :).

    To~day over here is the first day of Autumn,
    l love September, it's my most favourite month
    to...lots going on, and l have a birthday to!
    So, looking forward to that! Hic! :0).
    Enjoy your snoozes out on the decking..!

  2. You can sure tell that summer is coming. Now when I leave to go swimming in the morning it's light. Only a few weeks ago it was still dark
    Glad mum had a relaxing day

  3. Poppy, dear, I do envy your mum's drying lines. Towels and bed linens dried outside smell so good!(Did you ever play on low-hanging laundry when you were a kitten?)

  4. Oh, a day off, that's terrific! It sounds like she put it to good use too, especially with the relaxing part. :-)

    Spring is our biped's favourite time of year as well, followed by fall. So happy spring to you! We have summer-like crazy heat and humidity extending well into September, at least mid-month or even beyond, so we'll have to wait for our fall's cooler temps!

  5. It's starting to feel like autumn here, Poppy, though it won't be for another three weeks. I find that I usually welcome the new season, but by the time it's a couple months old, I'm ready for the next. I could go for spring again, though, I think.

  6. You have spring, we now have fall. Mum likes fall, cool crisp days and nights. Means open windows for me!

  7. poppy Q...itz funnee ta heer ewe say spring time az we iz getin reddy for fall...both seezonz iz R fav oh rite tho, we could skip winter and summer N bee happee camperz !! ♥♥♥☺☺☺

  8. Hard to believe you are just starting spring. Still very hot and humid - summer for us. Fall will be around the corner. Holly does not like the heat of summer.