Friday, September 16, 2016

Waiting for Dinner

Mum got no sleep last night as she was coughing last night and her throat felt crazy sore and all swollen like it was lined with felt.  So she took today off work, as she had no voice and was still coughing and sneezing - no good for hospital work.  After a morning nap she got up and showered and planted herself on the couch.

At 4pm she noticed that the birdies had lined themselves up on the washing line and fence.  Guess they were waiting for their dinner.  It had been a rainy day and there was a little break in the weather.  She had no seeds to put out for them, but cut ups some leftover grapes/apples and bread to put out for them.  I went out and helped too.  Hope they all got their dinner - as the rain came back.


  1. HeHe! I think l know why your helping Mum
    feed the birdies Poppy!x They look a bit thin,
    so, your fattening them up!!! :).

    Oh! Sorry Mum had a bad stay away from
    work to..hopefully the coughing and sneezing will
    come to an end soon!

  2. You have some tasty-looking dinner choices there, Poppy. The bonus that they will be well fed! :-D

    Purrs to your mum that she's better soon.

  3. The birds there are lucky, Poppy. Luckier still that you can't reach them, eh?

  4. That was very kind of your Mom, Poppy. Sorry she is feeling so awful. Pawsies crossed for a speedy recovery.

  5. Lots of fluids, honey and lemon tea and rest for your mummy.
    The birds are very lucky they get free meals at your place.