Sunday, September 11, 2016

Helper Cat

I helped mum out again today in the garden.  She went for a walk by the seaside this afternoon to get some fresh airs.  The clouds were clearing and the sun was trying to shine, although it was still a bit chilly.  She enjoyed her couple of hours out and went and picked up some supermarket supplies on the way home for us.

The birdies were busy waiting for their treats.  They must have been hungry as lots were gathering.  Mum says she will put out some fruit for them tomorrow, so they get a balanced diet.


  1. HeHe! I think your supervising more than
    helping Poppy!x Keeping your eye on things.
    But! It's looking good!

    Nearly dinner time over here, l've just put a
    chicken in my little oven! they were cheaper
    in the supermarket this morning, so l bought
    one for a change!

    Tell Mum..good idea to give the birdies fruit
    for a balance diet...Stops them falling over! :))))).

  2. If you eat one of those birds, YOU could have a balanced diet! :-D

  3. Mum says the fevvers are eating from the feeder like crazy. We have what mum calls purrfect weather. No humidity, temps in the 70's F. Happy lady and I am a happy cat cuz that means all the doors and windows are OPEN!