Saturday, September 3, 2016

Caturday Cuddles

I  only got a quick cuddle this morning with my mum, cos she is a working girl (not that kind!!!).  She had to head off earlyish and I got to stay at home and keep the bed warm while mum earned some morning to pay for the feast.

When she finished she got to walk in the sun on the way home.  Dinner was easy - she had some left over chicken and potato salad.  She had a middle aged mumster night in and watched Dads Army on the tv which was a bit ok - not great.  So now us old ladies are having an early night all ready for another working day.

Hope you had a nice weekend everybuddy!!


  1. Ah! Bless! I watch Dads Army to Poppy!x
    As you say..It's o.k. I prefer Last of the
    Summer Wine..That's on over here Mon~Frid,
    about tea time, l find it funny, and quite
    relaxing! No smut or rudeness..good honest
    comedy! :).

    Forecast rain this afternoon...but, it's going
    to clear up, and be nice over the next few days!
    Just sent you some funny pics of pussy~cats doing
    funny things Poppy!x Hope you and Mum enjoy them!x

  2. Your human *should* work hard for your Feast, Poppy! Our biped went to PetSmart today and found our Feast on for 50 cents per can IF you buy 30+ cans (regularly 73 cents there, but regularly 60 cents at Walmart if you buy multiples of 10). Confused? Anyway, she bought us 72 cans of Feast, everything left in that one flavour, plus bought our other regular food too, also on sale. Bonus!

  3. A quick cuddle is better than no cuddle, Poppy.
    My mum slept in this morning. She hasn't been sleeping well because her cranky knee is playing her up. Dad had got up, showered, gone to the village for the papers and was working in the garage and she still hadn't woken up. I had tried to wake her up but no good, so I sat on her chest and went nose to nose with her and gave her a big yell. That woke her up. She didn't even know that dad wasn't there!

  4. Sounds like your human is having a busy weekend, Poppy! Mine usually is working too, but she's attending a film festival, which is happening locally, most days. Of course, she still has stuff to do, so it seems to her like she is double busy instead of having time off!

  5. Glad you got a cuddle Poppy. Our mom bean has been doing some stuff around the house but stops often enough to let us have cuddles. She says our weekend will last until Tuesday because it is a long weekend. Sounds good to us!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  6. Wow, how cool. That is exactly what TBT ate today fer dinner. We got some of the chicken...