Saturday, September 10, 2016

Caturday Exploring

The skies cleared a bit today but the chill remained.  I did venture out for a little exploring, but spend most of day retreating to my mums bed.  I like to hunt for bugs in the pile of weeds the gardener left.

Hope you all got something fun done on your Caturday.


  1. Your certainly having a good hard
    look for bugs Poppy!x

    It's rained all morning over here!
    Just this minute stopped, so, popped
    out for a paper and a coffee, earlier,
    back home now, waiting for the footy
    to start...Big game..Man Utd v Man City.
    So, won't be going very far off the
    settee...Ah! :).

  2. I hope you found some tasty bugs there, Poppy!

  3. OOH! We hope you found some good bugs, Poppy!