Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Thanks for your good wishes - the mumster is feeling okish today, but that is more because the germs have shifted to her chest and she doesn't feel the headaches, but her ears hurt which for her is a sign of impending poorliness.  Tonight she is on call, and then hopefully she can get some rest.  She came home and made a light dinner and then napped on the couch.  I napped on the bed - on her towel again.  I am very possessive about it and want to keep it to myself.


  1. Ah! Good news about Mum Poppy!x
    These things take a little time...hopefully she
    will be 100% soon!

    And, l expect Mum won't mind you having that towel,
    she's probably got plenty of others....! Bless!x

  2. Hmm, does your mum double-up on vitamin c or anything else? Does it help? She's not in a good environment to avoid germs, we all know that hospitals are terrible for making one sick (at least those in Canada). Ditto for schools. (And public transit buses. Ugh.)

    As for YOUR towel, Poppy, it's only right that you keep it to yourself and not share with your mum. You don't want her germs!

  3. Hope it goes quickly for you. This years flu has been one to just hang on and on and on
    Poppy sleeping on a damp towel isn't good for you. You might get the same bugs mum has. And that's not good for anyone xx

  4. Just holding her own isn't improving, so I hope your mum isn't called in to work tonight. Have her get plenty of nourishment. Though she may feel like only light meals, make sure they are packed with what she needs.

  5. I hope your human is able to get some rest and doesn't get called in tonight!

  6. Your poor mum. I hope she isn't too busy through the night.

  7. poppy q....tell yur mum ta unplug de fone N get a slab oh perch N wrap it round her head; her will knot onlee feel grate, smell grate, N look stylish...her willna have two go far ta get a slite snax....pluz we can bet if her DID hafta go inta werk, they wood send her home if they saw de perch on her head .......bet !! hope her getz ta feelin way better ☺☺☺♥♥♥