Sunday, September 18, 2016

Still Nursing

Now the mumster is getting a bit frustrated, as her germs are still sitting around lingering.  Her throat is still sore and she is somewhat husky.  So time to load her up with some pain relief and put her to bed.  She needs to get betterer so she can go back to work and load up with some more fancy feasts at the supermarket.


  1. Make sure she rests up Poppy!x
    Hopefully the pain relief will help her!
    And, make sure she takes a teaspoon of
    honey, every so's good for the
    throat, and eases the soreness...!

  2. Willie is right, Poppy, dear. Insist that the mumster drink pots of black tea liberally dosed with real lemon juice and honey! (My aunts would have also suggested a tot of something "to kill the germs", taken straight. They lived into their late 90s.)

  3. Thank goodness you are there to take care of your mum Poppy! We are sending our purrs that she is feeling better soon and the germs go away.

    Take care,
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  4. I hope your mum is soon better so she can get your Fancy Feast. I am sure you are doing a very good job of nursing her.

  5. Hope you are back on deck soon and not running out of Fancy Feast too.

  6. We hope your poor mum is better soon. Maybe you could have the FF delivered? You look like a lovely plump stuffy in your photo, Poppy.

  7. Your human's still sick? Too bad you can't hunt down that bug and kill it, Poppy!