Monday, September 5, 2016

Mumster Monday

Today was a Mumster Monday.  Us girls got a good old sleep in, getting up at 8:30am is sure better than getting up at the usual alarm time.  Mum got some washing done and some other chores.  She watched a documentary last week about some obsessive/compulsive cleaners and one that bleached her toilets 5 times a day and steam cleaned it once.  Mum is pretty happy with the scrub she gave hers.

She made some soup and toast for her lunch and enjoyed it so much she repeated it for her dinner as well.  She was glad to have saved some money by not spending any today as tomorrow she will head out and do some jobs and has budgeted for that.

Me - well I slept on a blanket, then on mums towel, then on the her sheets and then back on the quilt, so I shared my furs around.  Living the dream!


  1. I'm a bit of a bleach person Poppy!x
    But, five times a day..goodness, did
    she have a toilet left at the end of
    the week! :).

    Glad, after your sleepy checks that the
    blanket, towel, sheets and quilt were
    all o.k. And that you left furry marks
    to show they passed the Poppy!x test..! :).

  2. "Living the dream!" Ha, love it. :-D

    I'd better go clean my toilet now....

  3. Poppy, dear, I'm reading this whilst the toilet bowl cleaner fizzes...

  4. No chance of me being mistaken for an obsessive compulsive cleaner. My birthday cleaning task today was washing and cleaning out Holly's litterbox and washing the floor. Then I gave up on cleaning today. You have a lovely day Poppy.

  5. Birthday? Way did autocorrect substitute "birthday" for "big"?

  6. That woman who bleached her toilet five times a day? I'd love for her to come over and steam clean our litter boxes. That would be awesome.

  7. Glad you are living the dream :) I need that cleaning lady.

  8. I had the day off, too, Poppy. Here in Canada, it was Labour Day, though I'm not sure if more babies are born on this just because of the name. Anyway, I was able to sleep more, as well, and best of all, my boss had to pay me for it.