Sunday, June 2, 2019

Did You Know?

It was icy chilly here today.  The temperature said it was 8deg in our city, but we are sure it was only about 4 deg C at our place.

When there was a break in the weather mum went outside to feed the birdies as she knew they would be hungry.  She tried a little experiment and put half the bread/seeds/fruit on the lawn and the other half on the concrete.  She was surprised that the birds loved the food on the concrete the most eating it up 2x faster than the food left on the lawn. 

Mum sneaked these pictures of our birdies on the tree at the back of the garden, and all crowded into the television aerial.


  1. I guess it's probably easier to pick up off the concrete.

  2. Yes icy cold here too Poppy Q. Hope you are tucked up warm somewhere just like your friends Blackie & Pip are !!

  3. How! Strange..Thought it was easier on the lawn..!
    But! Then! If you've a brain the size of a pea..HeHe! :).
    No! No! Only joking..! :).

    And..Goodness me Poppy!x You must have felt quite dizzy..
    ALL those birdies..Heaven! Perhaps Mum will buy you some
    wings..! get on..just got back from the supermarket,
    put my bits and pieces away, coffee out on the patio,
    and a little chat with Fudge l expect..! :o).

  4. Wow, that is a surprise about the bread, Poppy. We would think the birds would like eatig it from the grass. Stay warm, okay?

  5. Easier to see food on the concrete...not to mention concrete also holds heat!

  6. Those birds must have all flocked onto your ariel to try and spy on you, Poppy.

  7. The stuff on the concrete is easier for them to find, that is why they go for it faster. Happens here too.

  8. Must be torture for you Poppy. I once lived fairly close to a stream and one morning a duck flew down and I fed it. Within a week I had at least 50 every day. A rather ugly speckled one I named Brownie would hop up on the terrace and tap his beak on the glass back door while all the other stayed on the grass. That was if I was a bit slow feeding them. When spring came my favourite little sweet one walked the full length of the street with 8 tiny ducklings as that was only access for the babies. I put down a large bowl of water and they all hopped in while mum waddled back to rest under a tree. She was so proud of them. I cringe when I know when duck shooting season begins.