Monday, June 3, 2019

Photo Session

The storm has blown all the clouds away so I popped outside to sunbathe.  My mum then came out to snap some pictures.  I couldn't bother to move much so mum got lots of snaps.  It is going to take all week for us to share them all - we hope you don't mind?  I seldom tolerate the camera on me but the sun was lovely.

Today was a holiday for Queenies Birthday so it was a nice stay at home holiday for us with some relaxing done.  We fed the birdies again today, just on the concrete to make them happy.


  1. Ah! Those photos look lovely Poppy!x Lovely!
    I think your still posing a little bit! Well,
    you did move your head..a bit! :).

    I noticed on the calendar that you celebrate the
    Queens birthday, to~day! She has so many, think
    we celebrate it, next week.
    We've got the American clown over here for three
    days, all a bit of a waste of time, and costing
    billions..which could be spend in so many better
    ways..Even his bullet/bomb proof car/tank cost
    1.2 million...and he's got a new hair style....!
    Nuff Said! :).

  2. You look really relaxed and very glam. Poppy. That’s what I call the good life. ☀️. 🌴 🐭

  3. Those are lovely photos of you, Poppy! Of course we don't mind.

    We had a Queen Victoria Day holiday in May, it's always the third Monday in May. Nice to have an extra day off, definitely.

    You two have a great week!

  4. Share away, Poppy. I know that sometimes you are a little camera-shy (or on the go) so I am pleased that your mum had the chance to take a lot of photos. Show them all!

  5. You pose so nicely and are beauty-full as always.

  6. poppy; can we say ya lookz gorgeouz !! :) ☺☺♥♥

  7. Beautiful shots, Miss Poppy.

    Thank you for your kind comments about our Beebs. We miss him.

    Tama and Genji