Monday, June 17, 2019


There was the sounds of vomiting and other stuff this morning at 02 30am and it wasn't me.  Mums dinner that she was do proud of, was not so fond of her.  Luckily she got a bit of a warning and it only lasted an hour.  I guess all the leftovers are getting binned now.

We were both tired today and mum canceled her plans as she was not quite right.  The toast has stayed down and it will be back to normal by Tuesday. 

It was getting chilly this afternoon but I insisted on sitting on the barbecue table while mum fed the birdies again. 


  1. Oh! My! Poppy!x Poor Mum..Hope she o.k now..
    And the toast stayed down..tell her to stick
    to solids for a day or two..leftovers can be
    a bit dodgy at times..!

    Still..keeping yer eye on those birdies..HeHe!

  2. Poor Mum Poppy, you must have been so worried. Nothing worse than food poisoning. We have been having frozen dinners while not well and found the hub had put them in the fridge but not the freezer. What a waste but we tossed them . What a waste but you can’t be too careful.
    Hope Mum is ok now. At least she has you to snuggle with but I think nothing is consolation ifwhen you are feeling bad. Give her hugs from us. 💖

  3. poppy...we hope mum is feelin aye oh kay; nothin werst than feelin werse ~~~~

  4. Sorry your mum had a reaction to her dinner. Best to toss the rest and take a day of rest.

  5. I hope your mum feels better by now. That’s unusual for her, isn’t it?