Saturday, June 22, 2019


It is Caturday afternoon and I am sending mum off to work again.  She spent the morning sleeping in and then thought she should tackle a couple of bits of housework.  Scrubbing the toilet and hoovering were awesome.  I did not help.

The fun things were that she got to relax and read her book and cooked some sausage rolls for her lunch - lucky the hoover was out as the pastry flaked everywhere.  She is going to try and enjoy her walk to work, before being shut inside for 8 hours. 

We hope you are having a nice Caturday and do something fun.


  1. Hope your mum has a quiet weekend at work.

  2. Just gone seven over here Poppy!x
    First lemon tea of the day..Suns ALL it's glory,
    gonna be a warm, maybe hot day..and the forecast for next
    week is good to town later, see what's about, trip
    around the charity shops, you never know..l might spend
    some money..! HeHe! :).

  3. Sounds like your mum had a very exciting Saturday morning! It has to be done though. We have a lovely sunny morning here, that's two in a row!!!

  4. Hi Poppy. We hope your mum's shift went well and that you both have a good Sunday.

    We're just starting our Saturday, and we're out in the back space while the biped starts on some chores. The week has been a bit too eventful for us (vet visits, one unplanned), though the human has enjoyed the company of her dad for a few days (left yesterday). So we'll all be relaxing this weekend....we hope!

  5. Glad mums better. She is so meticulous I would feel very safe if she was my nurse. Just been watching a doc. On the Profumo affair. Terrible a man involved took his own life. In the 60s people were so much more judgmental.imagine these days housewives hitting a woman going into court with umbrellas just because she had an affair. I remember reading all about it at the time with great interest. The world is so different now both for better and worse I think.