Sunday, June 30, 2019


Sorry we missed Caturday.  The Munster was busy pottering around and all of a sudden she realized that it was after midnight and she forgot her secretarial duties.  Good job I can't afford to fire her.

She did make me happy by letting me nap on the duvet before she covered it up with our winter quilts.

We have had a beautiful week.  Frosty nights but warm sunny days but we have been warned that we are due a rainy week.

Mum took herself to the cinema today to see Yesterday - a feel good sweet movie that she did enjoy.    Now she is ready to curl up with me and her book.  Sweet dreams friends.


  1. One of the hottest days ever..over here yesterday.
    34 degrees..though not as hot as 1976..year my daughter
    was born, and, the coldest winter to..! :(

    Warm to~day, but the suns not showing it's face as yet!
    Just had lunch out on the patio..nice BIG bowl of mussels,
    white wine, onions, parsley, and two thick pieces of buttered
    toast..Phew! AND! A little wine..half a bottle actually, will
    finish it off for tea..HeHe! Don't want it go go off..! :).

    Enjoy yer curling up..and Mum enjoys her book..I'll be settling
    down for the Gran Prix at two o'clock, couple of hours yet...!
    Looking forward to strawberries for tea..Prezzie from my neighbour
    earlier..! Yum! :).

  2. Missed you last night Poppy. Hoped you were both ok. I will add to the weather comments... in 1972 my younger daughter was born and when she was about 7 months we had 43 degrees. When I pulled the curtains shut I put my hand on the glass window and it was really hot even though covered by a Terrace roof. I filled her little bath with cool water and splashed her for a long time. She was quite happy and has never minded the heat but it nearly killed me. 😓 Looking forward to spring now though.

  3. We are glad you and Mum have had some nice weather, Poppy. Happy snoozing. XO

  4. Mum says your weather sounds wonderful. It is hot and humid here. Storms later.

  5. We have had those nice sunny winter days too Poppy Q. They are wonderful but yes, there is rain coming here too. You look so cute & snuggly on the bed Pops. xx

  6. We have had a few sunny days. Hopefully it continues for a little while give the paddocks a chance to dry out

  7. Time flies when one has so many darn chores, eh, Poppy? But it sounds like winter is there - though warm days and frosty nights are actually ideal from my viewpoint.